Keeping on top of your Reading!

Studying New Media and English is great, I really believe I chose the perfect course for myself. However, there are so many things I was not prepared for and certain things that I am finding particularly hard this semester. Until you begin an English course it is impossible to imagine how much reading has to be done. Even the most enthusiastic, speedy, excited readers would struggle to keep on top of their reading lists!

You may study three or four English modules and have at least one novel to read per week for each, that is at least three or four full novels weekly, it can be extremely draining. I am finding this even harder this semester as I am trying to get my final year project underway! However, over the years I have learned a few tips and tricks to help keep myself on top of the required reading!

  • Get your booklist early – although, as college students, we are not sent out a booklist at the beginning of the year, there are other ways to find out which books you will be reading. The website often has the list of readings, pick your books up in the summer and begin reading!
  • Make a reading schedule – set aims for yourself, if you say you will have up to chapter 15 of one of your novels read by Wednesday then do it. Make sure to keep on top of this schedule and try not to lose track of yourself or your reading!
  • Have fun – all of this reading can seem quite daunting but remember why you decided to do an English degree, because you love reading and writing! Try to remember this.

Thanks for reading!

Setting up a Blog

Hey guys! I just wanted to come on here and talk about the process of setting up your own blog and what it might entail. Setting up your own personal blog and having other people reading it can seem a little bit daunting, I assure you it is not as bad as it seems! This week in college for my module ‘Writing for New Media’ we had to set up our blog page and begin working on it. I had already worked with WordPress before in my first year of college and then again when I began blogging for myself, so this was not really a problem for me, I actually quite enjoy setting up different pages and experimenting with different themes! 

If the idea of other people reading your work really frightens you and makes you nervous (I was the very same when I began blogging!) there is no need to make your work public right away. Keep it to yourself while you’re still trying to get the hang of things and figure out how to make your blog unique to yourself!

I feel like this is an important topic to talk about as it ties in with the whole idea of confidence. If you love to write and want to share your ideas with everyone, but you lack confidence then that can be a problem, but do not let it hold you back! There are many things I learned from setting up different blogs and writing for them, I learned how to build a following, how to create a unique space for my work, how to take control of my own writing style, but most importantly I learned how to be confident in my writing!